Busy Busy!

Busy Busy!

Welcome back to your school-year routine!  While it is certainly nice to have some structure back in the family schedule, all that hustle and bustle of the daily grind can really get you feeling overworked and on edge. 

Does this sound familiar (*deep breath): A soon as the buzzer sounds on Monday morning you wake the kids, make sure they're clean and presentable, feed'em breakfast and make their lunches, race to the bus stop then go off to work.  Work.  Leave work, grocery shop, pick up the kids then burst into the house and watch as they shed all of their belongings into the hallway.  Complain about how the kids ate their snacks and not their sandwich as you clean out lunch containers, put away groceries and make dinner.  Extracurriculars tonight?  No?  Time to clean the kitchen while supervising homework attempts and get the laundry going.  Prompt bedtime routines twice before supervising the entire process.  Social media with tea, Netflix, bed.  Repeat until Saturday.

The trappings of a busy lifestyle can sometimes prove overwhelming. Taking micro breaks during the day and dedicating time to mental health and family relationships during the week can really help to renew your spirits and recharge your batteries.  Sometimes we're so busy striving for a better tomorrow that we can forget that life is what we make of it today. 

Before you know it summer will be here again.  When you look back at the school year you'll appreciate the time you put aside for yourself and your family more than any of the time you spent in the hamster wheel.  So grab a friend or family member and go do something fun!

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