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Easter Weekend Egg-drop Challenge!

Easter Weekend Egg-drop Challenge!

One of our Game Schooled families has decided to issue an "Easter Weekend Egg Drop!" challenge to give your kids some fun and creative competition for the week ahead. This fantastic S.T.E.M. activity requires the building of a contraption that will protect your egg from breaking when dropped from a second-story window (or from about 10 feet up) onto a solid surface. 

And now the rules:

  1. The egg must be an uncooked 
  2. The contraption can use any type of cardboard, plus up to three other materials (for example, 6 pieces of tape = 1 material).
  3. All materials should be things you find around your home or yard 
Helpful download sheets:
Share a photo or video about your contraption on the Game Schooled Facebook page so you can explain your plan and why you think your design will protect your egg. Then make a video of your egg drop and share it by Monday, April 13.   
Consider yourselves challenged! Let's see who can earn the status of Eggspert Contraption Designer!"
Challenge submitted by The Chorney Family
Beautiful hike becomes epic craft afternoon

Beautiful hike becomes epic craft afternoon

Who knows how many of these amazing days we have left this year. Didn't want to waste it, or the opportunity to gather some things along the way. There aren't any acorns in this area, unfortunately, but there are plenty of other trinkets to inspire. I had to be a little careful what I put in my bag as I have plenty of allergies myself, and all sorts of pretty things can cause a rash or conceal a bitey insect. It was a damp day, so finding dry things was also a little tricky. Also, pretty sure I cleared the spider webs out from half the paths through Guildwood. It's good not to be squeamish. Luckily, I came home with a huge haul.

The kids certainly appreciated the efforts when we made our fairy houses. It was our most ambitious craft yet so all agreed the time went too quickly. Still, the finished products were fantastic.

They all did such an amazing job!

Luckily I have lots of stuff left over, so I can't wait to make my own fairy garden during crafty Sundays in October. Posting that for sure so you can all come out and have as much fun as we did. I'll be sure to have plenty of hot glue guns. 

Here's a link if you are interested. Crafty Sundays!

Escape Room!

Escape Room!

Last week our campers made an escape room. Then they locked their parents in when they came to pick them up on Friday afternoon.

The tension was intense. The parents scrambled to solve the puzzles, amazed at how challenging they were. The children (and store staff) tried hard to keep all the secrets while simultaneously getting sucked into the thrill of the moment. There was much cheering when the final clues were solved and key pieces were found. 

In the end, the parents escaped just in time and the room was declared a great success!

So we kept it.

We want to do it again, and give the community a chance to experience the challenge and fun. Keep posted to our website and facebook feed to find out when we'll be running this room again.