After School Programs

Board Game Club

Organized group play with quick-to-learn, low-tension games can be a perfect way to wind down with peers after a busy school day. With hundreds of games at our disposal, a mix of traditional and contemporary classics are selected every session to resonate with the age and skill levels of the participants while subtly providing an opportunity for them to apply curriculum concepts they have learned. This fun and trendy activity is proven to engage students while fostering academic and social development.

  • Activities: Socialization through organized play featuring contemporary games and hands-on activities.
  • Character development:  Interpersonal/social skills, collaboration, inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, competitive spirit and fair play.

        Dungeons & Dragons

        Roleplaying games are highly effective in assisting with the development of social skills in children of all ages. Our charismatic dungeon masters are trained childcare professionals who are especially skilled at engaging the minds of young heroes. Participants will band together to actively contribute to their very own vividly described quest filled with intrigue, exploration, conflict and epic adventure! 
        • Activities:  Character design and development, ongoing fantasy campaign sessions, figure painting, set and terrain construction.
        • Character development:  Communication skills, math competency, resource management, problem-solving, teamwork.


        Pokemon is a card game that engages kids in competitive, strategic play while helping to develop their critical thinking, analytical thinking, math skills and reading aptitude. Our certified Pokemon masters make learning the game easy and fun.
        • Activities:  Deck building and theme development for creating an effective Pokemon deck. Learning the process and strategy for battling from casual to tournament play.
        • Character development:  Communication skills, math competency, resource management, problem-solving and positive social interaction.



        ART-tude workshops are a modern approach to the visual arts; inspiring kids with topics they are already excited about. Our creative explorations delve into many art mediums, using pop-culture, science and the joy of experimentation to allow students to build confidence and a passion for the arts. Personal growth and expression are primary, so students are encouraged to develop their own style and contribute to the choice of subject matter. Sessions are available in either a drawing, painting or crafting format

        • Drawing: Fundamental drawing skills are taught throughout this adventure of inspiring projects. Students will use both visual subject matter and their imagination while learning techniques with pencils, charcoal and pastels.
        • Painting: Using a brush is just the beginning. Students experience the joy of paint by using washes, masking, resists, transfers, printmaking and other techniques.  
        • Crafting: Fun, functional art pieces are so easy to create if you learn the tricks. A broad range of projects including collage, sculpture, fiber and 3-D paper construction let students build the foundation of knowledge to engineer their own creations and appreciate objects that they've made themselves.