Booking a Party!

Kid's Birthdays

Looking for a hosted birthday for 6 years and up? Let us do everything! We'll entertain your child and guests in an unplugged, social environment with activities that will engage and excite them. We offer 2 different party packages:
  • Game party
  • Art party

Game Party

A great opportunity to share some real friendship with casual and cooperative party games. Our game host engages the group with energetic and silly activities customized to their preferences and age level. Includes one and a half hours of organized play with lunch and casual open games during gathering and wrap up.

Art Party

For the creative kids who want to take home more then just a memorable experience, our art party lets them learn a great new craft and make something fantastic. Party is two hours in length and includes everything in our basic party package.

Art parties begin with a one hour craft, break for lunch, and end with a half hour of organized gameplay. Our artist will happily work with you and your theme to customize a craft perfect your your child and their guests.


Our basic Birthday Party package includes all the following:
-1 Private party room
-1 party size pizza (half cheese, half pepperoni)
-10" birthday cake (vanilla or chocolate reading, "Happy Birthday ________")
-8 drinks (juice boxes/water bottles)
-plates, napkins, cutlery
-invitations (Customizable)
-1 free family return play pass ($10 value)
-Set up and clean up
-party host/artist/games master
-Coffee/tea for adults
Parties are 2 hours in length and are available weekend afternoons between 1pm-5pm on Saturdays or 1pm-3pm on Sundays.
Game Party: $225 for 8 children. $15/ extra child
Art Party: $260 for 8 children. $18/extra child
Recommended for children 7 to 13 years old.
Contact us below to book a date for your party and receive our full email package. Please mention "Birthday Party" and date of interest in 'messages' section.