Booking a Party!

Need a party idea for you 6-13 year old? Let us do everything! We'll entertain your child and guests in an unplugged, social environment with activities that will engage and excite them. We offer 2 different party packages:

Our basic Birthday Party package includes all the following:
-1 Private party room
-1 party size pizza (half cheese, half pepperoni)
-10" birthday cake (vanilla or chocolate reading, "Happy Birthday ________")
-8 drinks (juice boxes/water bottles)
-plates, napkins, cutlery
-invitations (Customizable)
-1 free family return play pass ($10 value)
-Set up and clean up
-party host/artist/games master
-Coffee/tea for adults
Parties are 2 hours in length and are available weekend afternoons between 1pm-5pm on Saturdays or 1pm-3pm on Sundays.
Game Party: $225 for 8 children. $15/ extra child
Art Party: $250 for 8 children. $18/extra child
Recommended for children 7 to 13 years old.
Contact us below to book a date for your party and receive our full email package. Please mention "Birthday Party" and date of interest in 'messages' section.