Regular Gameplay



  • Thursdays 4-9pm: STAR WARS Legion and X-wing
  • Thursdays 7-9pm: Board game club
  • Fridays 6-10am: Magic the Gathering
  • Saturdays 10-noon: Pokemon
  • Sundays 10-noon: D&D Youth league
  • Mondays 6-10pm: D&D Adult league

For information on tournaments and other events happening in the store, check out our upcoming events and Board game club pages.



X-Wing Miniatures is a game by Fantasy Flight Games that takes place in George Lucas' Star Wars Universe. In X-Wing players take the role of squadron commander, taking control of pilots and star-fighters while engaging in intergalactic dogfights between the Imperial, Rebel, and Scum factions. Bring your squad for casual games and monthly tournaments.

Thursdays from 6pm until 9pm

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Pokemon TCG

In this trading card game the world of Pokemon comes alive. Armed with decks filled with iconic characters and Pokemon from the anime and video game series, battles are fought with Pokemon, items, trainer cards and energy.

Game Schooled is pleased to host Pokemon TCG coordinated sit and plays every Saturday. Children and youth are welcome to join us to build their decks, trade and challenge one another in this fun, casual environment.

Saturdays from 10am to 12pm. Fee: $5.00

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    Dungeons & Dragons

    Dungeons & Dragons was published in 1974 and became a cultural sensation which has spawned countless other games, movies, TV shows and toy products. If you have never experienced it, we encourage you to try it out and discover your inner fantasy character.

    We host D&D in 4 age groups: children 6-8, children 9-12, youth, and adult.

    Child and youth leagues: Sundays at 10am 

    Adult league: Mondays at 6pm

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