Art Classes

Have a great time exploring a variety of media, developing artistic skills and inspiring your imagination. Sessions are 8 weeks long. Join us for any number of classes- $16/class or $110/session.

ART-itude! Kid's Classes: Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:00pm

    Recommended ages 8 and up. Parents are welcome to leave or partake in free board game play while they wait.

    ART-itude classes starting in September

      Adventures in Paint Jan 9-Feb 27

      Using acrylics and watercolours, explore a variety of painting styles through a progressing level of challenge. Experiment with splatter painting, resists, printmaking and guided painting projects and have fun learning great tricks and techniques while producing a mini masterpiece each week.
      • Galaxy vista
      • Rain & rainbows - wax & watercolours
      • Guided paint landscape
      • Paint mosaics
      • Mandelas
      • Comic pages
      • Collage paintings - class 1
      • Collage paintings - class 2

      Geekcraft March 25-May 13

      Develop some serious artitude with craft projects that play through the pop-culture world. Learn how to geekify useful items, transform household objects, build your own miniature world and create futuristic constructs. 
      • Groot flower pot
      • Cave monsters
      • Celtic design
      • Fantasy tower
      • Diorama creation
      • Spaceship from the fringe
      • Spaceships 2
      • Dice bags
      Other art programs offered at Game Schooled