A fantastic way to support your school!

You are familiar with programs that provide books to students to encourage them to read. Our programs provide board games to schools and families that help develop academic and social skills through play.

How our Fundraiser works

When your school creates an account with us, every purchase made by families of your school from our store or website will then result in a 10% credit going into the school’s account. This credit can be used by the school to purchase game kits, prizes for events or in-class sessions. Once you are registered, there are no additional efforts required by your school. We will contact you when you have earned enough to begin exchanging for products and services, or you can check-in at any time to inquire about your account.

Make the most of our services

Have a game event:

Our most raved about service! Book us to host a game night at your school and we do the rest. Engage your school community as parents and students have a great time learning fun and educational modern games.

Use our flyers:

Much like Scholastic Canada, we produce a monthly family flyer. It has listings of our upcoming community events, enriched camps for school-aged children, family activities, educational game features and opportunities for schools and their students. This flyer can either be requested in printouts to be distributed by the school to the students or can be sent in email format to be forwarded to the parents at the school’s discretion.

School Fairs:

We are a TDSB vendor, so one of the easiest ways to give families access to our products is to include us in your school’s book fairs or family events. Our school game display focuses on educational games and family favourites that can be sold to families on-site or ordered for future delivery. Every game purchased earns credit for the school, so this is an excellent fundraising opportunity.

If you would like to register with us, or are already registered with us and would like to apply for flyer distribution or invite us to join a book/school fair, please fill in your information below and your areas of interest.