Game Packages

Why order games for your school?

School is the most immersive environment from which children learn to interact with one another. Creating opportunities for safe, inclusive, constructive play gives children a healthy venue through which to develop a huge range of social skills. While stimulating creativity and critical thinking, games also help establish teamwork, confidence, empathy, communication skills and trust. In addition, educational gameplay can be easily worked into the curriculum as a highly effective support tool.

The game packages we offer are carefully chosen to provide to the needs of the classrooms and the extra-curricular venues while engaging the interests of school students.


Game club kits

Recess Kit:  A focus on quick, puzzle-themed games with a broad age range and wide appeal.

Strategy Club: A selection of challenging 2 player and multiplayer games with an emphasis on advancing strategic thinking.

Dungeons & Dragons Club: Roleplaying games are highly effective in helping to develop communication skills, math competency and the ability to make wise choices. We encourage middle schools to consider making a D&D club available for interested students at lunch or after school. We will provide the starter kit including dice and necessary books, run an introductory campaign, and train one of the students as a dungeon master so the group can continue independently.

Library Upgrade: Having a relevant and modern selection of games available for use within your school is a resource that will prove its value daily. Like books, games are an effective tool for learning, with the additional benefit of encouraging healthy social interaction. We work with your school to customize a game package to fit your specific school needs and budget.


Curriculum Support Game Packages


Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6: Games that establish math fundamentals such as quick mental calculations, patterns and geometry, problem solving and understanding mathematical connections. Group and solitaire games.


English Fundamentals, Grades 1-3: A focus on building skills in fundamental spelling, word recognition, grammar and oral proficiency through storytelling and creative expression.

English Development, Grades 4 and up: Creative use and repetition of oral and written language skills in multiple scenarios reinforces good vocabulary, spelling and the importance of communication.

French Support, Grades 2 and up: Much like a picture is worth a thousand words, a single session of gameplay can add a huge range of understanding and enthusiasm to the learning of a language.


In-Class Game Tutorials

Reading the rules can be the least enjoyable way to learn a new game. That is why our team of educators are prepped and ready to deliver an exciting introduction to our vast array of fun and educational board games and activities to your class. We make sure to tailor the game packages and programming we offer to cater to curriculum criteria and/or classroom initiatives. A friendly consultation is available free-of charge before the final selection of games is confirmed. Ongoing support is offered afterwards to assist participant's ability to use the games immediately and effectively.


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