Game Schools

A new kind of fundraiser

Once a school registers with Game Schooled, our fundraising efforts never stop.  That means that you can buy great games anytime time of the year and take heart knowing that we will donate $5 to a school of your choice for every game purchased!  Everything is online for your shopping convenience.  No more order forms, no more sending in cash, and no more deadlines. 

The benefits of becoming a Game School

Registered Game Schools have priority access to booking game events, community initiatives and in-school services.  Game Schools may also contact any of our educators for guidance in exactly how to enhance their curriculum or classroom spirit by infusing a healthy gaming culture within it.

Fun fact:  Learning through play makes education more accessible for all learning types and encourages the development of healthy relationships through genuine human interaction!

Access your school's fundraiser by clicking it's link below-

Huron Street JPS