School Wellness Days

Having a school-wide wellness day is a fun and interactive way to promote the development of a balanced lifestyle for your students including healthy eating, physical activity, and positive social and emotional well-being.

Working with our community partners, Game Schooled can initiate, organize and host a wellness day at your school. Our level of involvement is customizable from simple participation as a game play station to a complete facilitator. A fully structured wellness day includes the following:

  • Active involvement of students, teachers and parents
  • Presentations/advertising to encourage excitement and participation
  • Station events set up throughout the school
  • Tracking/information sheets for students and teachers

Workshops are customized to fit the needs of your students, the existing school schedule and your budget for the event.

We are presently booking for the 2019/2020 school year. Already have a wellness initiative in place? Consider inviting Game Schooled to be a participant.