Summer Camp

Camps for 2020

To maintain our standards for safety and the quality of our camps, we will no longer be offering camps in July 2020, and our registration for other camps will be closed until further notice.


July 13- 17: SPACE BASE

We need you for a week of robots, science experiments and terraforming as we prepare our remote moon for colonization. The terrain is hostile, and possibly the aliens, so our space team will have to tackle a lot of challenges to finish our habitat before the ship arrives.

July 20- 24: Into the Woods

Can you make it to Game Schooled tower? The woods are full of wolves, traps and bandits but survival in the goblin kingdom is possible if you are prepared. Bring your imagination, your magic beans and a little chocolate to bribe our resident troll. Works every time.

August 10- 14: Jurassic Camp!

Journey back to a land before time with us, because this week GS is filled with bones, cave paintings and monstrous footprints. How well would you survive in the prehistoric world where thunder lizards and saber-tooth tigers roam? Come find out.

August 17- 21: What Lurks at Game Schooled?

GS seems to have a small ghost and ghoul infestation right now, so we are hoping to find some campers who have what it takes to purge the impending darkness from the corners of our store. As long as you're not afraid of the undead, slimy things, or the creature in our storage closet, this week is for you. Experience using a proton pack a huge bonus.

Other programs that may interest you: