Programs and Services for Schools

Game Schooled offers the following services:

(some of our programs are temporarily suspended due to Covid)

  • Fundraising
  • After school programs run at your school
  • Family game nights (organize, schedule and host)
  • Game kits for lunch, recess and clubs
  • Consultation to upgrade the library's collection of games to be more engaging, contemporary and applicable to modern curriculum


Register your school with us and buy great games anytime time of the year knowing that we will donate $5 to a school of your choice for every game purchased!

After school programs


Board Game Club: Organized group play with quick-to-learn, low-tension games is a perfect way to wind down with peers after a busy school day. We bring new games each week and encourage socialization through light competition, learning new concepts and cooperative play.



ART-itude: Run by experienced art teachers and available in either drawing, painting or crafting themes. Students get to learn new art techniques while experimenting with different mediums to create fun, constructive projects.

Dungeons & Dragons: Roleplaying games are highly effective in helping to develop social skills in children of all ages. Our charismatic dungeon masters are trained childcare professionals who are especially skilled at engaging the minds of young heroes.


Pokemon: A competitive card game that engages kids in strategic play while helping to develop many essential social skills and reinforce academic learning. Our certified Pokemon masters make learning the game easy and fun.

Family Game Nights

Unavailable at present. This service will hopefully be available again during the 2021/2022 school year.

Having a game night is an excellent outreach venue to foster school relationships. Engage your community and reinforce the value of unplugged social play as parents and students have a great time learning fun and educational modern games. Book us to host a game night at your school and we do the rest. We are PRO grant eligible (Parents reaching out) so it is easy to have us visit completely free. You can apply for PRO grants at or contact the ministry at Everybody wins!

Game Kits


Our game kits are assembled to meet specific need and budgets. We recommend our games based off of quality of play, applicability to your needs and our own play-test experience. Game kits we offer:

Game Clubs and Recess Kits: Includes quick and fun strategic games with a high replay value that lend well to quiet, thoughtful play. These games appeal to children because of their simple rules, attractive design and interactive nature. 

Language Support: Available for both English and French. Younger grade games focus on the development of oral proficiency and help build a foundation in reading and writing. Games for the older grades foster the development of critical communication skills as well as the ability to use language spontaneously in different situations.

Math: Games in this category help develop skills in problem solving, reasoning, choosing tools and computational strategies, and communicating in mathematical expression. Pattern creation, recognition of formulas and repetition of basic calculations used in these games are highly effective at building critical math skills.

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