The Staff of Game Schooled

Dan Wagnell

Founder of Game Schooled, Teacher

Dan Wagnell opened Game Schooled in 2016 to provide a fun and safe outlet for children, youth and their families.  Now, Game Schooled continues to use board games and the different mechanics therein as a means to engage the public and as a platform for the development of various social and academic skills (i.e. strategy, language, mental math, interpersonal skills, negotiation, planning, etc) in schools and in the community.

His credentials include:

  • Child and Youth Work Certificate, a Bachelor in Community Welfare, and a Masters in Education.
  • Certified teacher in Ontario (OCT: 641198) currently employed by the TDSB (Employee#: 246823).
  • Over 20 years of experience directly working with and supporting children, youth and their families in a variety of roles with the Toronto Children's Aid, the Durham Children's Aid, the Toronto District School Board, the City of Toronto, the City of Pickering and other community partners across Ontario.

Petra Bockus

Company Administrator, Art Teacher

Petra Bockus has a degree in Illustration and Design from Sheridan College and has illustrated children’s books with multiple publishers, including a series of books for BOOST aimed at empowering primary aged children to deal with tough life choices and recognize abusive situations. During the last twenty years Petra has taught art in schools, camps and in the community. She loves to inspire children with the arts and help them develop confidence in themselves and explore their own potential.