Upcoming Events

Free gameplay is everyday. Feel free to drop in with family and friends whenever we are open. If you are interested in also becoming part of our community game clubs, we run events every weekend. Check below for dates and times.

Board Game Club

New Board Game Club memberships are now on sale! Get special privileges for our game nights, such as special invites and reserving game spots, also you get 10% off all your game purchases for the year.

Our regular meeting times are Thursday nights, and you don't need to be a member to come join in. Learn a new game every week, or make your own selection. Finding people their happy game group is our favourite thing.

BGC Meetups

  • Thursday, March 12th: Junk Art, Dungeon Drop & Ninja Academy
  • Thursday, March 19th: Splendor & Gizmos
  • Saturday, March 21st: King of Tokyo tournament
  • Thursday, March 26th: Agricola & Stone Age

We now have monthly BGC Roundups! Did you miss a game you wanted to try during our weekly Thursday meetups? Here's your chance again. Our Roundups usually happen on the first Saturday of the month from 1pm-4pm.

We are presently enacting special COVID-19 protocols within our store so we can continue to offer our services to the community while keeping your family safe and healthy. Please see our full information by clicking this link or you may contact us with any additional concerns.

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Upcoming Game Events:


Join us for regular play every other Saturday morning from 10am-noon.


  • Pokemon Sword/Pokemon Shield Tournament: 

Smash Up!

Because we enjoy Smash Up! so much, these are now a regular event. Tournaments will usually be scheduled the second Sunday of each month.

  • Next Smash Up! tourney: 

Magic: The gathering

MTG Commander league: 



  • Archon Tourney: