Baxbo Games


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  • Durable vinyl rolled gameboard
  • Soft game piece storage bag
  • 26 plastic interlocking checkers
  • History & rules located on inner box

Abstract strategy game where players move disc-shaped pieces across an 8 by 8 cross-hatched ("checker") board. 
Pieces only move diagonally, and only one space at a time. If a player can move one of his pieces so that it jumps over an adjacent piece of their opponent and into an empty space, that player captures the opponent's disc. Jumping moves must be taken when possible, thereby creating a strategy game where players offer up jumps in exchange for setting up the board so that they jump even more pieces on their turn. A player wins by removing all of his opponent's pieces from the board or by blocking the opponent so that he has no more moves.
This game, also known as Draughts, is part of the Checkers family.